Cleaning fur coats in Kiev

The production and service facilities of our company allow solving a wide range of objectives including both working with raw materials and end products servicing.

Actually, Upstar Continental has its own installation for fur products professional cleaning. This installation differs greatly from its counterparts utilized in this country’s dry-cleaners’, as its primary purpose (including programming, adjustments, reagent complex) and use are meant exclusively for one narrow, specific task, namely quality gentle dirt removal from natural fur products. In fact, this expensive equipment is not utilized for any other purposes.

Our company’s experts, having an impressive experience of handling furs, will inspect your product and immediately advise possible cleaning routines and/or warn about risks connected with these procedures. In some cases, determining the possibility of professional cleaning may take more time than anticipated. This is necessary, in the first place, to avoid deceiving your expectations and inform you of possible outcomes.

We accept your fur products for cleaning daily in our Upstar store at 12 Basseynaya Street from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm. In the case of emergency, we will try our best to provide you with our unscheduled assistance (a preliminary agreement by phone (044) 246-68-49 is needed).
 Cleaning Cost, UAH
 Natural fur coat, up to 70 cm 900
 Natural fur coat, up to 90 cm 1 200
 Natural fur coat, more than 90 cm 1 600
 *Fur coat made of valuable fur, up to 90 cm 3 000
 *Fur coat made of valuable fur, more than 90 cm 3 000


We accept for cleaning:

  • products made of any kind of natural fur, provided they were purchased in Upstar store network
  • products made of natural mink fur, provided they were purchased outside Upstar store network
  • products made of light color fur are accepted for cleaning exclusively if lining replacement is ordered (product repair services, paid separately)

100% extra charge for combined products (fur, leather, suede, etc.)
15% extra charge for products made of light color fur

*Lynx, sable, chinchilla