Fur coat in installments in Kiev

No interest, no overpayments!

Now you can purchase a fur coat on credit with 6, 10 or 12 months payment plans.

You will get your fur coat the same day you conclude a loan agreement, and that is the main advantage of this financial instrument. A loan agreement is concluded in Upstar Continental store at 12 Basseinaya Street, and there is no need to bring any documents (all you need is your passport and identification number). Buy a mink fur coat on credit with no overpayments or hidden costs! The service (loan) costs are covered by Upstar Continental (provided the Client honors the loan agreement terms).

You can ask for more details concerning the loan provision conditions visiting our Upstar Continental store at 12 Basseinaya Street.

IMPORTANT! Please, study the basic service conditions carefully (compare them with conditions of another financial instrument – hire purchase) by clicking on the comparison table image below.

UPDATED! Due to a large number of questions about the reasons for non-provision of current full promotional discounts when purchasing on credit, we would like to inform you about the following. The substantial (if not the main) condition for getting a 0% interest loan (with no overpayments or loan use costs (interest) or all other accompanying payments and fees (including upfront and monthly bank commission fees)) is that all these costs are paid (covered) by our company. In other words, all your loan expenses are covered by Upstar Continental. Consequently, if you take a loan, Upstar Continental cannot both cover the loan expenses and provide you with a current promotional discount at the same time. One way or another, if these conditions do not suit our Clients, and they want to receive our current complete promotional discount, they can apply for a cash loan to any bank independently (paying all related expenses on their own) and buy fur coats they liked in our store for cash. The current promotional discount will then be fully applicable. Enjoy shopping with us!

The comparison table:

0% hire purchase 

No interest, no overpayments!

In case you have concluded a hire purchase agreement with a due date September 1, rest assured – your fur coat will wait solely for you in Upstar Fur Seasons “fur garment resort’s” comfortable conditions. The advantages of 0% hire purchase are obvious:

fixed product price effective at agreement conclusion moment

·         30% product cost up-front payment

·         equal subsequent installments

·         the selected product availability guarantee

·         free “fur fridge” storage for the entire hire purchase period

·         no need to get family members (spouse) permission to conclude an agreement  

·         no need to provide a large number of documents

To conclude hire purchase agreement, all you need is your internal id document. The product is surrendered to the Client upon all installments due under hire purchase agreement are made.