Seasonal storage of fur products

Seasonal storage of fur products Being the largest luxury fur boutique in Ukraine, Upstar Continental has shown excellent performance in fur business and now has the honor to offer you professional storage services for your favorite garments. As a large manufacturer and accredited participant in the world’s largest fur auctions, Upstar possesses the appropriate technical capabilities and proudly declares: Your furs will rest cooled, attended by the best Upstar’s specialists, who know absolutely everything about fur. Thus you can store your fur coat in Upstar Continental without troubling about its condition. In our spacious “fur fridge”, your fur will rest comfortable. The fridge is equipped with modern technology solutions and is serviced by our specialists all year round. If there were a paradise for fur garments, it is quite possible that it would be our storage facility. You surely want to look stunning during the next season, so trust a specialized “five-star fur resort” Upstar with your fur coats safekeeping.

Seasonal storage of fur products

Fur has been a luxurious and expensive material known and loved by humans from times immemorial due to its exceptional thermal insulating properties. Later on, besides its obvious physical properties, it became prestigious to wear fur. Sparkling, fluffy or smooth, dark or light, fur has always been associated with luxury and prosperity. Fur garments do not belong to casual wear and require decent respect. Like everything beautiful, fur is whimsical and demanding to care and storage during inter-season. Nevertheless, it will serve faithfully for multiple years having received the due care.

Here are some simple rules which will help you preserve your fur treasure: fur does not stand moisture, bright sun rays, dry and hot air, tobacco smoke and perfumes. All these influences negatively affect the fur quality, its glare, the product’s appearance and its wearing life. Spring and summer seasons are especially tough for furs.

If you want your favorite fur coat or mantle to warm and please you while wearing it for more than one year, you have to necessarily think over every possible detail of how and most importantly where it will spend its summer recess.

These are the main conditions for storing furs: • a spacious room with free air circulation
• тa dark area with stable and low air temperature up to 12°C.

You can provide your favorite fur garments with ventilated spacious rooms at home. Maintaining the constant temperature and humidity levels is a more difficult task. Worry not! In this case, admirers of luxurious fur coats and mantles will be able to take advantage of merchant Mikhailov’s ingenuous invention, who was the Chief Fur Supplier for His Imperial Majesty.

Mikhailov was the first furrier who built special storage premises for fur garments not far from his boutique, in which he sold luxurious fur coats and mantles. Such services were first mentioned back in 1912. For more than a hundred years, industrial cold has been helping female and male fashionmongers look luxurious by protecting their fur garments from harmful insects, sunlight and heat. In the course of a hundred years, specialized storages work principles have not changed, though the equipment has been upgraded, the premises have become spacious, and there are more professionals possessing appropriate skills necessary for fur tendance.

It is difficult to overestimate the advantages of keeping fur products in specialized fridges. No wonder this invention has become so much popular. In fact, any “furry gold” owner who gave up their treasures for storage, will both free their wardrobes and cloakrooms space and free their minds of worries about keeping them in proper condition. After all, furs require cold and darkness and are stored in conditions necessary to keep up their sparkling appearance ready for a next season.


A kind of arctic paradise for fur garments Furs are stored in a specially equipped room fitted with temperature controllers which keep up the necessary temperature. In addition, dedicated equipment maintains the appropriate humidity level. Furs are stored in a dark room, conveniently hanged up on wide hangers, preventing garments from creasing and stretching shoulder lines. The storage employees regularly check your garments and brush them as and when necessary. All these procedures are aimed at preventing damage to guard hairs, thus preserving the natural glitter of the product. It is essential to realize that proper storage conditions during the period between seasons will allow you to significantly extend the use of your fur garments. The correct seasonal storage will result in a luxurious and glittering fur coat which will look as if you have just bought it.