Fur coat in installments


Almost every lady wants to buy herself a beautiful quality coat.

Often, furs in installments are offered, this requires each month to make a fixed amount for several months or more. The option is not so bad, especially if the installment is interest-free, but is it worth taking on such a duty.

When is it better to take an installment plan

Installment it makes sense to issue in the spring or summer, so by the beginning of the "fur coat" season the thing will already be completely yours and in your hands. Upstar offers interest-free installments from 1 to 6 months. Installments can be repaid ahead of schedule at any time convenient for you. The main advantage is that the price is fixed in UAH and for the entire payment period the fur coat is stored free of charge in the fur refrigerator. Installment from our store, unlike installments from the bank, does not have an interest rate and hidden pitfalls.

With terms of the contract on installments you can read HERE.